AliExpress Affiliate Websites FAQ

What happens after I buy an AliExpress Affiliate Store?

We will give you instructions on how to choose your domain name. Then we will purchase the domain and setup your site.

All the details you need to access and run the website are emailed to you on completion.

This normally takes 48 hours and the site you receive will just be like the site in the demo.

Do I require a domain?

Yes you do but we provide a domain with your AliExpress Affiliate Store for free. You can also use a domain you already own if you prefer. Get in touch and we will show you how to set it up.

Do I need to host my website with you?

No, you can host the site anywhere you wish but why would you want to when you are getting this for free?

We host our sites on top of the range servers that are set up to allow your site to perform at its best. Not only that but you will receive your very own hosting control panel and our amazing support.

There is no contract with our hosting and it can be cancelled at any time.

How do I make money with an AliExpress Affiliate Store?

There are a few ways to make money. The first revenue stream is the AliExpress Affiliate Program.

This is a program run by AliExpress which pays you a commission for every person you refer to the AliExpress site who then goes on to buy a product.

The commission for each sale is up to 50%. This referral to the AliExpress site is done automatically once someone clicks through from your store.

Other ways to make money include ads from InfoLinks, Google AdSense and other niche related affiliates.

How do I receive the money I earn from my website?

Google AdSense and AliExpress give you the option to receive your payment by cheque or bank transfer. Some other affiliates will pay you via PayPal.

Do I require an AliExpress Affiliate account?

Yes you do and this is something you must setup yourself before ordering one of our websites. Once accepted please provide your App Key and Affiliate ID which you will receive from AliExpress.

What about SEO?

Our Amazon Affiliate Stores are SEO friendly. You are also able to install free SEO plugins to further improve your Google ranking.

Do I need IT skills to run these AliExpress Affiliate Store Websites?

Definitely not! If you have got this far then you will have sufficient skills to run a website with no issues.

Can I run an AliExpress Affiliate Store from anywhere?

Yes of course. You can run these AliExpress Affiliate Stores from anywhere in the world, all you need is an internet connection.

Some of our clients have a large network of them and make enough money to travel the world.

What guarantees do you provide?

We guarantee that we will provide you with everything as described on the product listing. We guarantee if you provide the traffic you will make money from your AliExpress Affiliate Store.

The amount of money you are able to earn is dependent on the amount of traffic you are able to send to the website.

We provide you with free marketing tutorials that will help generate traffic to your website.

Are the websites supplied with an SSL Certificate?

Yes! An SSL Certificate is installed so you can reassure your customers that they’re safe on your website.

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